Workshop Without Walls

The three-day workshop using NAI remote communications tools was held on November 8-10, 2010. Participants discussed ‘top down’ origin of life research, which will ultimately allow us to rewind the evolutionary record of biochemical processes and assemblies.
Organized by John Peters and Loren Williams, PIs of the NAI’s Montana State University and Georgia Tech teams, the primary goal of the workshop was to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations across the community.
Session topics included:
  -  Phylogenetic Studies on Key Enzymes Involved in Information Pathways and Metabolism
  -  The Evolutionary History of Protein Synthesis
  -  Minerals to Enzymes – Bridging the Gap Between Metal Based Abiotic and Biological Chemistry
  -  Phylogenetic Reconstruction/Resurrection – A Glimpse into Extinct Biochemistry
  -  What can Modern Biological Energy Transformation Systems Tell Us About Conditions on the Early Earth?
  -  Linking the Evolutionary Record to the Geological Record

See full program here