Summer Research

The GT Center hosts many undergraduates and high school students in research labs run by the Co-PIs. These students frequently receive college credit for their research efforts. On a day-to-day basis the undergraduates and high school students work with graduate students, post docs and technicians.

A group consisting of a high school teacher and a three high school students from Dunwoody High School, was sponsored by the Research, Experiment, Analyze and Learn (REAL) Program, funded by Siemens.  High school students Kristen Ingram, Dionne McKenzie, and Angeline Pham conducted summer research in Dr. Eric Gaucher’s Lab on a research project titled Engineering Fluorescent Proteins for Biotechnology.  In the Fall, the students returned to Georgia Tech for the Advance Scientific Research Internship course to continue their research under the supervision of Ms. Ryan Randall, in Dr. Gaucher’s lab. Based on their work in Dr. Gaucher’s lab, these students were chosen as semifinalists in the 2011 Siemens Competition. There were only 9 semifinalists in the state of Georgia. Ms. Dionne McKenzie has been offered a scholarship of $25,000 each year to attend George Washington University.

Anna Hong Lee, and undergraduate from Wofford College, spent the summer of 2011 working along side post doc Brande Jones in the Williams lab. Anna was funded by the NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program.

Troy Kleber, from Grady High School worked in the Williams Lab over the Summer of 2011. His poster has advanced through several rounds of local and state competition and he will be presenting part of his work at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, in Pittsburgh, on May 13-18.

Undergraduate and graduate student researchers from the Georgia Tech Center present their work at local and regional meetings. A group of our undergraduate researchers from the Oyelere, Hud and Williams groups presented their work in oral presentations at a recent ACS meeting. Two Georgia Tech Alumni donated funds to cover travel for the undergraduates.