The Explorigins Group is an interest and discussion group to bring together young researchers with a needfully diverse set of backgrounds to discuss and explore all variety of recent topics pertaining to the Origins and Evolution of Life, the Exploration of our Solar System, and the Search for Habitable Planets Beyond Earth.

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Explorigins meets every other Tuesday at 4:00 in Molecular Science and Engineering, Room 3201A. 


August 22:

High energy electron sintering of icy regoliths: Formation of the PacMan thermal anomalies on the icy Saturnian moons 

Schaible, M. J. (; Johnson, R. E.; Zhigilei, L. V.; Piqueux, S. 

September 4:

Selection for Gaia across Multiple Scales
Timothy M. Lenton (, Stuart J. Daines, James G. Dyke, Arwen E. Nicholson, David M. Wilkinson, and Hywel T.P. Williams  

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