PCE3 seminar by Georgia Tech prebiotic chemists!


Please join us for another session of the PCE3 seminar series on June 24 at 1:00-2:30 pm (EST). This session we are excited to hear from Tyler Roche and Bryce Clifton, both graduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We will also have a short topical introduction from Dr. Nicholas Hud, Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We hope you can join us for another exciting session!

Tyler Roche will talk about “The Key to Prebiotic Nucleoside Formation?”

Bryce Clifton will talk about “Achieving multiple rounds of nucleic acid replication in a prebiotic solvent: A solution to the product inhibition problem”

Please use this link to register. In the event the zoom meeting reaches capacity the meeting will be live streamed to the PCE3 youtube channel.

New T-shirts have arrived!

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Thank to funding from College of Sciences, artistic design and organization by Taylor Plattner, and hard work of Belal Elnaggar, we now have GT Astrobiology t-shirts!

Group photo to come this fall!

Here are Belal Elnaggar, Claire Elbon, and Abbie Johnson sporting the new shirts!

Our new co-director: Dr Frances Rivera-Hernández


Please join me in welcoming onboard the new co-director of the Georgia Tech Astrobiology Program: Dr. Frances Rivera-Hernández ! Dr. Rivera-Hernández will be leading the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Seminar Series starting this fall 2021. Read more about Dr. Rivera-Hernández and her exciting research below!

CoS funding for GT Astrobiology!

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The GT Astrobiology Program was funded by College of Sciences Strategic Goals and the Sutherland Dean’s Chair for an infusion of $69k over the next three years!

News article here.

We plan to use this award to fund student fellowships, ExplOrigins symposia, seminar speakers, student travel support, and creation of a new Astrobiology Undergraduate Certificate program!

Congrats to Mirza Samnani!

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We are very proud of Mirza Samnani Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering graduate student & GT Astrobiology Graduate Certificate Program Candidate, who invented this life-saving robot!

Read his remarkable story:

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