What is the goal of Exploration and Origins (at Georgia Tech)?

    • To bring together people interested in Exploring the cosmos and understanding the Origins of life
    • To provide a space for the discussion of planetary science, origins of life chemistry and biology, and space exploration technology
    • To bring together researchers from across the Georgia Tech to explore new avenues of collaboration
    • To serve as a networking resource early career scientists to meet and learn from researchers outside their area of expertise
    • To function as a resource for students to communicate and help direct the shared goals of the Georgia Tech Astrobiology community

The ExplOrigins Group is an interest and discussion group to bring together young researchers with a needfully diverse set of backgrounds to discuss and explore all variety of recent topics pertaining to the Origins and Evolution of Life, the Exploration of our Solar System, and the Search for Habitable Planets Beyond Earth. Currently, ExplOrigins meets Friday at 10am on BlueJeans. Join the listserv (directions below) to get weekly emails with more details.

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Stay Informed

If you are interested in staying up to date on Explorigins, please join our email list via listserv. 

To do so:

1. Send a message to sympa@lists.gatech.edu from the address you want to subscribe to the list.

2. In the subject line of your message, type: subscribe explorigins Firstname Lastname

3. Leave the message body blank.

Different angle of Photo of a classroom of people sitting at rows of desks for an ExplOrigins meeting