M. Osburn – Seminar


3/13/2020:¬†“Journey to the Center of the Earth: Habitability and Geobiology of Distinct Subsurface Realms” Maggie Osburn (Northwestern)

T. Roche – Seminar


3/6/2020: “Prebiotic Plausibility: Pursuing Parsimony vs Precluding Possibilities” Tyler Roche (GT)

L. Williams – Seminar


2/28/2020: “RNA and Protein: A Match Made in the Hadean” Loren Williams¬†(GT)

M. Hecht – Seminar

Hecht seminar Feb 21

2/21/2020: “Sustaining Life with Genes and Proteins that did not Evolve in Earth” Michael Hecht (Princeton)

B. Burcar – Seminar

Burcur seminar Feb 14

2/14/2020: “The prebiotic phosphorylation problem and how insights from geochemistry can solve it” Bradley Burcar (GT)