Astrobiology Fellows

2023-2024 Astrobiology Fellows: Chad Pozarycki, Colin Burnett, Sarah Kingsley, Mohamed Nassif, Jose Luis Ramirez Colon, and Vahab Rajei

2022-2023 Astrobiology Fellows: Claire Elbon, Tatiana Gibson, Emmy Hughes, and Sharissa Thompson

2021-2022 Astrobiology Fellows: Rebecca Guth-Metzler, Tyler Roche, Christina Buffo, Jordan McKaig, and Taylor Plattner

The GT Astrobiology Program has received generous support from the Georgia Tech College of Sciences Sutherland Dean’s Chair to launch a new program: the Georgia Tech Astrobiology Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship program is both to recognize the efforts of involved individuals in the astrobiology community and to recruit new members who serve as leaders into the future. Fellows will demonstrate leadership excellence, contribute to building and sustaining a connected community, and be passionate about sharing the wonders of astrobiology.

Fellows serve as the primary organizers for several annual events hosted by the GT Astrobiology Program and ExplOrigins student organization for the year of their fellowship including  (1) co-organizing a fall social event with an external speaker and (2) co-organizing the winter/spring ExplOrigins Colloquium. Fellows are additionally expected to (3) be engaged in a service or outreach activity of the Fellows’ choice in support of the GT Astrobiology Program. Examples of service activities include organizing the bi-weekly ExplOrigins discussions, high school outreach, establishing and leading an undergraduate mentoring program, workshop organizing, web communication, launching and maintaining new social media platforms. Plans for the service activity are detailed as part of the application essay.

Each Fellow is awarded $4,000 as a graduate fellowship to offset any tuition/fees owed by the student; the excess over what is owed on their GT account is disbursed at the beginning of the semester to the student.

Eligibility: Current Georgia Tech graduate (MS and PhD) students and postdocs are eligible to apply. We encourage applications from diverse fields and backgrounds; applicants are not limited to those within College of Sciences.